~ Family Advisors For Senior Care ~

Lynn Ogata

North County Inland - Family Advisor

Most families who come to Keepsake Choices are in uncharted territory, in crisis mode, and quite frequently, feeling guilty for a variety of reason. So I have developed a knack for alleviating stress and helping my clients see things more clearly.

At first, I provide as many resources as I have access to so families know they do have choices. Then I help them to narrow down their options by sharing what I have seen and felt during visits to each facility. Clients like that because they get to view facilities through the eyes of a professional with lots of experience.

I put my heart into helping my clients and they have told me they are so grateful that I care so much.

Gretchen D'Andrea

Central Coast - Family Advisor, Vice President

Through experience with my family, I understand the panic that families feel when, in a moment, their loved senior must find assisted living - where to look, what to do? The stress of decision-making and the time frame can make it difficult to see things clearly, be organized, and/or even know where to start.

Having experienced this process personally, my goal is to help families feel more comfortable through this change of life transition. I hope to bring safety and peace of mind to the families that we work with. My favorite compliment from an adult child was, "Thanks to you, I'm taking the evening off (from worrying)."

Maureen Farley

North County Coastal - Family Advisor

I like working for families. This segment of the population often has little experience in senior care and typically faces daunting financial, housing, health and personal needs issues. Adding to their burden, they may not know where to look for help, as well as have few advocates and diminishing resources.

I get a lot of satisfaction helping seniors. It is very rewarding to use my knowledge and experience to overcome the many obstacles that they encounter on a daily basis. We sit and have honest discussions so I can help them accurately assess their situation and come up with solutions.

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